Series of bronze sculptures produced at the "National Polytechnic Institute" in Mexico in 2009  and other places... (h ~ 20 to 40 cm)

sculpture bronzesculpture bronzesculpture bronzesculpture bronzesculpture bronze  

sculpturesculpturebronze groupebronze groupepersonage abstrait bronze bronze petite sirene 

      petit totem bronze bronze petit totem boxeur en bronze bronze en marcheen marche bronzebronze danse des morts 

We cast some bronze sculptures ourselves, from metal soup to baking sculpture molds,  we live it as the experience of the dynamics of molten metal dancing in shapes.  

France fonderie AVANGINI, 77230 Moussi-le-Neuf
Mexique Taller CAMPANAS SONORAS, Tlalpan, Mexico D.F.

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