Composed fragments

Fragment 3bEcho of atomisation of the society, these scores  are transcribing destruction,  dividing up  as mutation, metamorphosis, mouvment, rythm and composition. Fragmentations  beyond their dimension of violence and destructuration free energy, opening and poros links .

Reassemblies - between assemble and assembly

from snatches of things, back to their primary state here is the practice of  creations/recreations. Working with basic and "essential" level of elements reopen new directions, relationship, touching, link, plural constructions.

These materials - new again - are evoluting in full pulsations, contradictory swings between construction and destruction. Here are some lived moments, visual and musical scores.

Fragment 3a



Open Person N °3
painted paper teared/sticked/painted
dimension: 2m90 X 1m30


Joelle/territorio sin límites / la veo pintar - fragmentar papelitos extender el engrudo con las manos / bandas de papel periodico - publicidad - escritos que crecen y se dilatan / se embarran y desparraman / como planta trepadora. Corre la tinta o pintura negra - roja explorando caminos del azar / Fragmentos que nuestra civilización de consumo desecha / ella lo recoge y organiza pedazo a pedazo - palmo a palmo / no hay pincel o caballete que contenga este infinito.

Jorge Hernandez  Piel Divina


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