Going out ... but!

art and society

After the confinement order, the disconfinement disorder. Let's clean and disinfect everything in order to go in and out.

But what happened ? Instead of all the strange people, presences born out of the black iPhone screen from activities traces and drawings  (> images-in e-screen) which are gone I am just in front of the emptyness invaded with my face to face seen from the dark side.

Dse ecran 3 1

Series e-screen .  Confinement

E ecran noir

E ecran self n  Disconfinement

Deconf 20200522 125  Social distancing

Reciprocal protection of One Meter. After the confinement time work , the disconfinement space one .

Deconf 20200522 405    Deconf 20200522 958    Deconf 20200522 421Cale noire 120   Deconf 20200522 430    E ecran noir self 3   E ecran self 5