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Art and Society investigation

   Every new year allows to close the last one    2023 01 144503    opening  life forces .

      2023 in and out light year ...  Best wishes.

C est elle 3

 Out of frame Plastic Art   or  hand-to-hand Art




Work in school: primary school Simone Veil in Melun = 20 murals painted by the 20 class pupils.



Colors Plastic Art works from the  Serge LEMOYNE exhibition OUT OF GAME, Québec QC : dialogue and echo 

Bl 3209BLACK and WHITE   Violet 2957  Vert 5252 Orange  Rouge1 2126     Bleu 4448   Jaune 5505 COL O R S

 Tactile dialogue with GIACOMETTI

  GiacomettiAl aise 657         Presence pl 935out of frame


Contemporary Art, arts as experimental tools for societies and environment

 Fontainebleau' show


Totem 4586n b
studio/wood march 2017


Performance : 1 World to share

Missing : conceptual art 


Square for Peace N°1

     Paix1oiseau recto bis

Al 48

Olek's Totem



                                                          NON VIRTUAL MULTIMEDIA...       SOFT NEW TECHNOLOGY...

Email contact :  jandj.atelier@free.fr 
 Nativite 12            Rouge 295        L autre visage4998
           Nativity see +                                              Reflection...                                          Many

Infraplasticajj 01 Noir et blanc r 1 Danse des morts 2 Ch4 4653 Pchien2 4731
Maize Transgenic  MB Decoprint Gallery AllSouls'Day        Dogs  Following Infrarrealist poets

Off 56             Chacmool            

From life to death. friendship energy and memory boost.
Stars dust  composed or libarated out of probabilities, rythms and  inaudible sounds.
Between past and future.







 1 trait num n 8
out of wood 
 P rapp berlin 3 5

- The artistic ME  is complex and collective by nature because it feeds on concepts, contexts, subjects, techniques, materials, artists, men and women and YOU.

- And the work? A "happy accident " merging at the point where concrete materials meet and reappear carved out, welded, cut out, hand-in-hand with light, the light of 'being human', stripped and skinned alive, the shapes dissolving.

- Industrial materials keep their manufacturing scars, while reused materials show marks of having lived, and we convert these essential features  into "Already Left" or "Back to the Street" (in memory of the old "Ready Made").

Art works don't have a lot of rational logic - they're a reference limited by the earth' s  powers and you just picks up the thrilling momentum.