Art and Society investigation

Partition couleurs 2autre petit prince de CE2-CM1H g ce2 4La liberte 3between School Art & Wall Parietal Art

Project EMBEAUTIFY THE SCHOOL  --  Léonard de Vinci in Fontainebleau, primary international school   see the realisations and themes of the 11 classes



Atmosphere - electric ambience - installation.Ca 1053


It's about alternating artistic current in phase with our situation. Under confinement we are not allowed to open the doors so we try to open the panel frame, cross behind and find a new art installation. We made studies, sketches. Be carefull the system has tripped !

Ca 0926  electricity and landscape > see +

confinement in and out

Img 20200805 154744 1

Brique couleur 1Reconfinement of november:

In spite of this confinement a lot of people appeared : COME IN !

to see + : come in  

In spite of confinement ther is a lot of people here. In fact all these presences were hidden inside plastic and paper piles in which I almost drowned myself.

May be it's one of the global warming result.







In-between confinements from august to october: exhibition Carved Wood - from EARTH to SKY

Saint Blaise des Simples chapel gardens, Milly-la-forêt, 91490(Essonne)

Expo 163812 Dialog with Cocteau, garden, chapel  -   > voir + : cultural tree

Expo 163721  Img 20200805 154744 1 Expo 164045I


De ecran 6Art and society
E ecran noirAfter the confinement order, the disconfinement in order to go in and out. But what happened ? Instead of all the strange people, presences born out of the black iPhone screen from activities traces and drawings  (> images-in e-screen) which are gone > see Going out... but! , then >  Art and SocietyTriptyque en mouvement 3

Contemporary Art, arts as experimental tools for societies and environment

 Fontainebleau' show


Totem 4586n b
studio/wood march 2017


Performance : 1 World to share

Missing : conceptual art 


Square for Peace N°1

     Paix1oiseau recto bis

Al 48

Olek's Totem



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Off 56             Chacmool            

From life to death. friendship energy and memory boost.
Stars dust  composed or libarated out of probabilities, rythms and  inaudible sounds.
Between past and future.







 1 trait num n 8
out of wood 
 P rapp berlin 3 5

- The artistic ME  is complex and collective by nature because it feeds on concepts, contexts, subjects, techniques, materials, artists, men and women and YOU.

- And the work? A "happy accident " merging at the point where concrete materials meet and reappear carved out, welded, cut out, hand-in-hand with light, the light of 'being human', stripped and skinned alive, the shapes dissolving.

- Industrial materials keep their manufacturing scars, while reused materials show marks of having lived, and we convert these essential features  into "Already Left" or "Back to the Street" (in memory of the old "Ready Made").

Art works don't have a lot of rational logic - they're a reference limited by the earth' s  powers and you just picks up the thrilling momentum.