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Instituto Politecnico Nacional Mexico                        







the IPN, National Polythecnic Institute welcomes some 180 000 students in its national ingineering schools chemistryl, physique, electricity, electronics, computer science, mathematics, mechanics,  textile industry, economy, educational sciences, architecture.... 

Funded in 1936 by the President of Mexico Lazaro Cardenas, in order to offer "the Technic at the Patry's service ", the Instituto Politecnico Nacional is born from  reorganisation of numerous existing schools, to a new educational and national model in the new context of the Mexican States' development.

      "Artists in residence" in the campus of Zacatenco,
       Mexico city , we create monumental works as:

  • "Lineas Libres"  sheen and stainless steel  h: 5 m 
  • "Memoria Transparente"  painted steel  h: 2,50 m
  • "United Humans"  sheen steel h: 4 m     R.I.V.
  • "Simbolo Mutante" or constellation "7 White Donkeys"   Planetarium








 bronze project : 30cm
 homage to Rodin


    "Humanos Unidos"
United Human beings


 I P N R.I.V. 
from the project homage to 
Rodin to welcome the invited 
Researchers in Residence. 
RIV, IPN  Zacatenco 
sheen steel  4 m.



 Historically, the WHITE DONKEY is the IPN's icon, so this is the concept and realisation of seven of them in front of the "Planetarium" , campus of Zacatenco, Mexico city
Drawings and structure/steel, concrete volumes
(scale and weight: donkey 100%)

The I.P.N. ,Instituto Politecnico Nacional welcome some 180 000 students. Ecoles Supérieures  d'Ingéniérie en chimie, physique, électricité, électronique, informatique, mathématique, mécanique, industrie textile, sciences économiques, éducatives, architecture....  



Réalisations as "Artists in Residence"  IPN:
7 White Donkeys"
new constelation Planetarium
"Lineas Libres inoxidable and sheen steel  5 m

"Memoria Transparente"  painted steel   2,50 m
"Humanos Unidos" sheen steel  4 m.


"Lineas Libres"


A set of three metal sheets, looking like marks in a note book - may be a palimpsest - or sails set to the wind inviting you to a long trip

.                                      more

"Memoria Transparente"

"Transparent Memory" retains some random fragments :
notes and pixels that make up the music played by heart



                        Mexico, mars 2011