Svi 0003Svi 0003bis

 Numerical Multiples .

It is a work of digital “revelations”  from the photo of the drawing itself.


The drawing is engraving, especially when it engraves fresh paint.

Beyond a black and white reading, the digital work reveals weight of the hand on the lead pencil,  rework,  traces of paint, lines which oscillate between drawing and engraving, materials and lights... history of  the drawing.

We have long been looking for a way to achieve multiples beyond engraving.


subligraphie du Trait 7Dessin-gravure en 1Trait 7subligraphie à partir du Trait 7


Eye for eye, blow for blow, line for line, the Cariscriptures, between caricature and writing crossed the shootings and deaths at Charlie Hebdo because of drawings. 

Thes lines and paint overflowed into digital art.

The drawings are photographed and revealed digitally.  Then the digital image is printed on paper and this impression is placed on the aluminum plate and heated. The ink is sublimated, changing from a solid state to a gaseous state in subligraphy, on chromalux here  -  Each digital print is numbered, limited series : Cariscriptures 1 to 15, MaÏs 1 to 15, Nativity 1 to 15 .Nativité 5 subligraphie

 subligraphie 10bis 1subligraphie traitnuméro 11 trait num n 81trait8 en subligraphie 8asubligraphie Rouge du Trait 6Subligraphie u Trait 5_401

    26x33cm Subligraphie du Trait 121bisnat 914nat 5Subligraphie Nativité 10Subligraphie 18_2Subligraphie 18_3


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