out of frame Plastic Art


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Laying plastic art, in exposure or exhibition to sunlight .

How PlasticArt could be exhibited, painting without paintings nor frame, open to fragmented context, broken societies in and out links between destruction / construction, more actual than content / form ?




More conventional: - recto - verso - daylight - backlight - highlight -


personnage bleu art100%plastic Homme bleu 2Homme bleu 1Homme bleu 3

Homme bleu 7



Looking for space, light, colors, matching with plastic100%art


 Elle va sortir 2flagrant Elle va sortir 4hit-and-run Elle va sortir 5

  Catched ...  them, him and others.  Hand-to-hand dialog.

  La voila 4     La voila 5explain C est elle 3then a break 

  Too late ,  It's busy  Repos double 3       

Choose front or back, sun or backlight ? Choosing involve the other, viewers,  looks and doubts. Choice and action, playing with lights, colors, transparencies, reflections, mooving away ?

   Fatiguee 6 Fatiguee 5 Fatiguee 4 Fatiguee 2 Fatiguee 1 Fatiguee 99 

Wandering through arts and bodies, from questions to dialogs. 

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