Three propositions  for the collective exhibition "Square for Peace" . 30 X 30 cm technique: altared blower and radiator. december 2016

Paix1oiseau recto bis     Paix1oiseau rectoPaix1oiseau dos 

1 -   Working function, motor 12 Volt


 Paix2oiseau en bas     Paix2oiseau profil     Paix2oiseau en haut

2 -  Down and up Peace. technique: ar(t)diator: metal' attack ,disconstruction/construction



 Paix3oiseaubis 1     Paix3oiseau 
3 -  Loaded sky. Peace trajectory, Some color and light points.

Hard to look for peace as looking for all the disapeared, dead people  victims of the violence.  A whole solar cycle: 52 years to sign a peace agreement in Columbia.

4 - Peace between bullets

Paix5oiseau v  Paix5oiseau verso  Paix4oiseau recto 1   Paix4oiseau v

   5 - Breath of peace 12 volt