Art and Society

How going out after the turning round and round in confinement ?  As a dancer on tip-toes ?  Finally only the others are helping us to leave the solitude spiral . Thanks everybody.  here an exit motion triptych of disconfinement, and others reconstructions.

After the confinement order, the disconfinement in order to go in and out. But what happened ? Instead of all the strange people, presences born out of the black iPhone screen from activities traces and drawings  (> images-in e-screen) which are gone I am just in front of the emptyness invaded with my face to face seen from the dark side. (see Going out... but! )

Triptyque en mouvement 1  turn round and around

Triptyque en mouvement 2  together

Triptyque en mouvement 3  on tip-toes             72 X 55cm           

 Rencontre 1 What kind of people are here, that I never met, only through the painting act , who are you?

 technique mixte - mixing/pasting : 90 X 65 cm   Rencontre 2    

when brushes, colors, drawings bring me to unknown territories.