Come in

Here we are !

Brique couleur 1In spite of confinement ther is a lot of people here. In fact all these presences were hidden inside plastic and paper piles in which I almost drowned myself.

May be it's one of the global warming result.

I look at and after papers and plastics. They just look like world and societyskin.  I collect words, colors materials, stories and history,  fragments, voices !
It's you ?     Yes ?     No ?     Are you here ?    Come in !


Danse blues v1I don't understand: When I was young, to save the planet and forest we gave up paper bags for plastic bags. If the paper bags almost disapeared we get invaded with global publicity . Now, many years after, to save the Earth plastics are left, back to the papers and monocrops develop trees for paper here, palms for oil there, Nothing to see with forest.


Back to the materials. They tell about environment, time. these marks, layers, printed impressions are able to rebuild,with openings, may be gaps,breathing spaces for sure and a new way to deal with form and content.

Brique couleur v1      Ma dame 5626Danse blues 1     Ma dame 5628Promenade en mer    Prom mer ombre 5600    Promenade en foret     Prom foret fond      Presque vermeer 2     Rencontre 4Black friday 2020Moyen age 1

These are dancing or fighting people, talkative or quiet, always interacting  with paintings and paintors, out of time, out of space.               

-Color brick construction : 180 X 75 cm   - Dance blues style : 210 X 95 cm   - My-Lady : 190 X 65 cm     - Beach walk : 95 X 95 cm    - Walk in woods : 95 X 60 cm   - almost Vermeer : 32 X 26 cm   - Meeting : 33 X 26 cm   - Middle-Age : 32 X 24 cm   - Black Friday : 35 X 28 cm