as answers- sept 2019

We present you these works as a bunch of roses, some moments, details, artistic events, surrealist or infrarealist in real disorder.

Jj2img 3063- at Philomuses with 3 creations, (2 about music played by Chantal  Stigliani pianiste,) in a collective show , selled at auction.

Carre30x30 607bis

Carre30x30 713bis-  at Aliés Guinard with 3 creations  30 X 30 cm, (out of 5) collective exhibition "10 ans carrément signé au dos" .




 wooden destratified still life become dead life
Carre30x30 828bis     Carre30x30 627    Carre30x30 534bis 1   
Tricks and tracks of time, old materials getting raw again. Paradise memories becoming artificial, real plastic art.Carre30x30 745bis


Jj3img 3065     Jj img 3062    Carre30x30 745bis

Another work of this month are two wooden sculptures diverging from the endless boost to the african manga Mangafricain col 4bis

Mangafricain col 5   Mangafricain totem alex     Col perso 4bis   Col 4 perso