Raw materials

Fleurs glued papers collés

Raw Art  ? or Rough World ?      Encounter Heart. glued papers



Just some flowers under the rain  ...   hail, projectile, water ... according to .



What can I yell to that time !




This era that lives in the backyard of its judgment.Hurried soldier, glued papersMort en forme glued papers


this era which devours lives

closes borders

and obscures its deaths

but Death is healthy.
His spears like those of Ucello's battles target us all

and the unknown soldier has joined the “sleeper of the valley” > Arthur Rimbaud' poem


  When one wants to be clearer, more transparent: firm and supportive bridge of dreams.

Race glued papersMaisons glued papersparadis interdit, glued papersDiscussion ciblée glued papers

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