BLACK  and WHITENoir, plastic100%art 1747   

or BLACK andBlanc Plastic100%art  WHITE

Do you read form or baxkground ?   Do you read between the lines ?   and overall which  BLACK ?  which  WHITE ?


 Art plastique Noir   détail plastique du Noir   détail plastique du BlancBlanc art100%plastic

  Black receives light and is full of colors while white is empty... blank page, blank canvas, everything remains to be done.

 WHITE and  BLACK are extremists:  ALL or NOTHING

-On the other hand the light waves mixing move towards a white emitted light. The white, sun rainbow or screens RGB  contains all the color waves while the black is empty: screen off, dark night.

 plastic 100%art noir à contrejourarts plastiques blanc à contre jourAnd for the Plastic100%Art in addition to the front and back there is day and backlight, playground for transparency and density.


dimensions : Black  180 X 100 cm   White  165 X 90 cm


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