who are we

Jorge Hernandez        

 born in Mexico, Tonameca, Oaxaca 1954 , works with soil, iron and dough. He traveled all over the  American continent from Canada  to Tierra del Fuego. Poet and theater actor, founder member of the poetic “infrarealist movement” 

Joëlle Rapp               

born in France, Paris 1953, studies and works in art  and architecture in Paris. Caught by visual arts in New York, continue in Mexico. Artistic investigations shunt towards 100% Plastic Art and instalations.

 Since 1981 they work together on projects, i.e. children, sculptures inviting light and space,  colors and materials. Their recent research has led them to work with transparent plastic material, glass, metal and neon light. 


  •  In collections in the United States, in France, Germany and Mexico.


press and short