Meet with Jean Cocteau


cocteau tactile presenceCocteau'prints and presenceCocteau'fingerprintstouching Cocteau63Cocteau appearancecocteau549 

wooden tears and grid structure



Jean Cocteau.

Milly-la Forêt
 and artistic.

 number 7

   and tears

tears out of the grid head

wood and iron   h = 60 cm

cocteau-presence2cocteau-presence1drawing project for Cocteau representationwooden sculpture in Cocteau tributedes4cocteau4des2cocteau4


Cocteau's thoughts

Cocteau's method:

Keep only lines
and screens
to filter personality
whole mystery

Portrait N° 9

h= 60 cm
metal and wood

Cocteau's thoughts wood and metal


- Cocteau's Christic portrait : metal and wood   h = 65 cm        -Points, Screen, lines : Cocteau  h = 60 cm

Christic Cocteau in woodChristic wooden cocteau2-n-1lines, points and mask-cocteau2-n-4

this encounter opened an artistic possibility to research the Ayotzinapa 43 – presences. The 43 disapeared students in september 2014 in the Guerrero State of Mexico... 43 identities drawings and black painting on hurt paper (perforated, torn to find them) in a penetrable installation, present in France and in Mexico. The public gives body to these portraits / presences in suspension.

Thanks Cocteau .

In January 2015 attack against Charlie Hebdo. Direct death – No more presences but questions about impact, provocation, strenght of the drawings themselves, and the act of drawing. With 1 Stroke, with 1 Line, Stroke for Stroke the series arose : Cariscriptures between caricatures, writings and erasures.

The third encounter happened in 2020  from august to october during our exhibition in the garden of the  Chapel of Saint Blaise des Simples where Cocteau is burried. Milly-la-Forêt, 91490 (Essonne). Little by little the dialogue with Cocteau animated each of the pieces. He managed to reverse the roles ! Alors qu’en 2013 I challenged him to introduce himself in 2013 and it was he who now invited us to meet. Here we are, present face to face. Carved wood - cultural tree