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 volume.personnage assis A l'aise   









models in branches and paper mache.    

Attente 703

A month or two after visiting the Giacometti Institute, 5 Rue Victor Schoelcher, 75014 Paris I get an unexpected lesson in return. A tactile dialogue, its obvious intrusion into the very work of characters in volume, his creative grip giving flesh and life.


En marche, volume branche et papier machéen marche. branches et papier mâché

Rather than modeling shapes, the meeting took place in kneading the body to the essential, to vital tensions and palpitations. Then, a conversation beyond language has been established, dialogue and homage.

Hom debout 201Dialogue 623En os 173132 En os 172944Detente volume branche et papier machépersonnage assis, construction tactile


bronze15.jpg bronze, personnage


The different technique: wax strips for bronze print, influences the character of these people.



Gothique 162533

 Series dialogue - Giacometti echo . A shock encounter that energizes and directs the emergence of works in progress.

Gothique 171554 En zigzag 171456 En zigzag 171432 Assise 172517 Enroulement 173305 Enroulement 173234 Enroulement 173159 Hom assis 232

The first meeting of this type is with Jean Cocteau. In his book "the difficulty of being" he talks about these meetings out of time- It arose during the creation of a work in his homage for the 50 years of his death.  > see Cocteau