1 Earth...Sharing

Artistic action

 We born egal...that means without choice of parents, country, religion...(neither children... nor friends).
After it's matter of construction. Growing up.. understanding diversity allow to walk together...to  meet through different moving systems.

Every rigid fixed position in a movable system brings inexorably  incomprehension. Human and social orientation need two points :  respect, ethic ... with help of  knowledges, culturs, religions...

Altares expomachado
 Realisation of 3 sand altars - Jewish - Christian - Musulman - black, white and "sand"

3 altares 1 3 altares 2 3 altares 3
  Then... Life, Icon, go back to Dust and sand
3 altares 1 2 3 altaresquetzalcoatl 3 altares 2 3

  One is the Earth, let's Unite the three piles...to one ondulation...or a cosmic spiral . But here in Mexico the ritual Snake "Quetzalcoatl" just appeared!    Act against integrism and fanatism.

to see the exhibicion  the other performance was "Missing"Serpent a plumes