cultural tree

exhibition august - october 2020

Saint Blaise des Simples chapel garden, Milly-la-forêt, 91490 (Essonne)

Expo 164045Carved wood - Between EARTH and SKY


With this middle-pandemia exhibition, we tell that here we are,  alive to wish a new social and vegetal rebirth with good sense. (this term comes from the wood work in good sense ). It is about extending the vegetal life of the tree  with a poetic impulse, raising again the falled tree by human hands or storms. It's also dialogs with materials , hand-to-hand contact , listening its growing up, its dances with the wind, with the birds songs printed in the branches.

Expo 163812




All these carved wood  kept in dialog with Jean Cocteau, his lines and drawings which are decorating the chapel inside and the garden around  - These are carved wood with music and joyfulness.





Expo 163721Works titles: Expo milly 164133Cale noire 120 
1- Olek Totem, h=220cm; 2- L'aile de la Victoire de Samothrace, h=190cm; 3- Centre Maya des points cardinaux, h=180cm; 4- Totem à la Québécoise, h=250cm; 5- Bois Toqué pour Toccata, h=230cm; 6- Nativité N° huit milliard quatorze, h=160cm X 100 X 70; 7- Déhanchée (ou Vénus Callipyge), h=185cm; 8- Arlequin, h=120cm (+40); 9- Pin Up, h=270cm; 10- Terre Mère Gaïa, h=163cm; 11- Colonne Finie, Salut à Brancusi, h=185cm



cocteau537.jpgThe relationship with Cocteau was driven by neighborhood and time 
> Cocteau .

Here lies Cocteau and we are his guests.







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