Fontainebleau FLC-MJC

Invit a5 jandj       Infrajj expo flc 3810     Versflc67      Versflc65       departure point from the studio/wood going to the exhibition of Fontainebleau

Infrajj expo flc 3778     Infrajj expoflc 3834     Infrajj expoflc 3777 Wooden drawings


  Loup75    Infrajj expoflc 3801                 Infrajj expo flc 3796

photos: Nicolas Segard

Infrajj expoflc 3858           Infrajj expoflc 3855

In the Community Center of Fontainebleau, France we are presenting this installation as an historic promenade  rocking backwards and forwards on  human's various artistic expressions : from prehistoric drawings and paintings; woodcarvings and other fine art to digital art with the subliprints. Open to the public of children, young and adult people.