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the three primary colors  Rouge1 2126     Bleu 4448   Jaune 5505  Violet 2957  Vert 5252 Orange  Bl 3209COL O R S    BLACK and WHITE    BLUE     RED     YELLOW     ORANGE     GREEN       PURPLE


   Every new year allows to close the last one    2023 01 144503    opening  life strength .   2023 in and out light year .

Public and environmental art work

  Noir 255 Mexico art works    Free Lines       High school realisation  


cheval-natgab-1-070713-1.jpg Cotignac Horse           off712.jpgCale noire 120 5 Cardinal Points

Outdoor sculptures
Expo 164045Img 20200805 154744 1Img 20200805 154918Expo 163721In-between confinements from august to october: exhibition Carved Wood - from EARTH to SKY :   Dialog with Cocteau, garden, chapel  -  Bois sculptés , in Saint Blaise des Simples chapel, Cocteau's decorations, and gardens, Milly-la-forêt, 91490 (France)
> see + : cultural tree





Work in school: primary school Simone Veil in Melun = 20 murals painted by the 20 class pupils.


Partition couleurs 2autre petit prince de CE2-CM1H g ce2 4La liberte 3between School Art & Wall Parietal Art

Project EMBEAUTIFY THE SCHOOL  --  Léonard de Vinci in Fontainebleau, primary international school   see the realisations and themes of the 11 classes

   Art Studio J + J

Ca 0926Atmosphere - electric ambience - installation. Ca 1053It's about alternating artistic current in phase with our situation. Under confinement we are not allowed to open the doors so we try to open the panel frame, cross behind and find a new art installation. We made studies, sketches. Be carefull the system has tripped !   electricity and landscape > see +

Art and society : After the confinement order, the disconfinement in order to go in and out. But what happened ? Instead of all the strange people, presences born out of the black iPhone screen from activities traces and drawings  (> images-in e-screen) which are gone > see Going out... but! , then >  Art and Society

De ecran 6Triptyque en mouvement 3E ecran noirBrique couleur 1

Reconfinement of november: In spite of this confinement a lot of people appeared : COME IN !  In fact all these presences were hidden inside plastic and paper piles in which I almost drowned myself.
to see + : come in  

May be it's one of the global warming result.


 Frag 04 clair 1  Corps reconstruits:  papiers...peints, repeints, trouvés. Bribes d'histoires qui résonnent. Traces de matières fragmentées, les déchirures ouvrent de nouvelles perspectives. Tout redevient possible.Jj2img 3063


Nous vous présentons ces travaux comme un bouquet de fleurs - ce sont des moments, détails, actes artistiques, surréalistes ou infraréalistes, selon.

questions réponses -sept.2019



Afloat cariscriptures Chacmool

P rapp berlin 3 5     

Svi 0012bis 1         Off 56

 p58bis.jpgPin09 Pin Up   P cri36 Screams  DisplacedDscf3220          Ayotzinapa-4327     

Kiss me     cocteau537.jpg Cocteau         dscf2615.jpg Rain Bow Horse


     f-off67.jpg                       f-off470.jpg    
J+J 112 & 113  Festival Off   "Franchement art" , Villefranche/Mer,   French Riviera   
   J+J 115   december 2012  p499ter.jpgdscf2438.jpg

  J+J 111
august 2012: last born in the forest
more or less wood...depending.      h = 3 m 50

J+J101     arlequin9.jpg J+J 102  
Totem danse chened6 1 g-blonde2360.jpg J+J100   arbre77.jpg  J+J99      

  J+J95 J+J96       J+J93 J+J92

 J + J studio n°89, 90, 91    july , august, september 2010



  190 X 80 cm

"Back to street", "enfin jetés",
"already left"
  série: DOUBLE BED       100%  plastic art       100% double bed:metal

   J + J studio n°88 june 2010 


                      Bois/Nuage4                                Bois/Nuage3   
       Wood/Cloud: homage to friendship, to Allal wherever he is. (salon de Mai 2010)


 J + J studio n°87 may 2010      

      on the road...

with the 

night " Visitors"



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