100% plastic art

        These are paintings in the classical sense of the technique : putting colored, more ore less transparent layers on top of each other, like the sfumato of the Renaissance research  that fits in with context and evolution of new materials:  revival of the painting .                                   
inv-j-j-1.jpg      p-3913.jpg   p-0325.jpg


               PAINTING = PIGMENTS + MEDIUM / SUPPORT    becomes   


Rouge 301 verso Reflection   P floatting 29  crossing migrants     plastic2404.jpg
Pigments are  de synthesis, oxidized metal or different earth. The Earth covered with skins of civilization, plastic bags, plastic and plastics ... producing suitable technic towards new equation . Result  double side works crossed by light.

pE50.jpg  verso  and  recto   pE45.jpg   see more > 100% plastic art thermo-re-formed