classic - plastic

still life, bouquet of flowers

Plastic Work :  pure plastic (100%Art) .

Classic Work; bunch and flowers ... as ever. 

Still Life ... still or dead nature ...   dimensions : 44 X 33 cm

technic : thermoreformed civilization peels.



installation in nature with big flowers Plastic100%Art



Echo of forbidden plastics and Flowers of Evil.




Point Line Plan seen recto backlight Point recto jour Line Plan plastic work 77 X 205 cmPoint Line Plan plastic work, verso, daylight

POINT  LINE  PLAN   dimension  77 X 205 cm


Fragmentation open painting built with plastic filmsOpen Fragmentation on the outside, elsewhere, with contexts tracks.

 Flower verso backlight plastic painting    Flower verso daylight plastic painting   Partition composition plastic painting       

    Partition composition recto daylight   Partition composition recto backlight   Partition composition verso daylight   

Fragmentation ouverte verso daylight plastic painting   Fragmentation Open recto backlight plastic painting    Striped Dream plastic painting 60 X 100 cm   

Above: Flowers - daylight and backlight.
Partition Composition - recto, verso , daylight and backlight.
Open Fragmentation - verso and backlight.
Striped Dream .

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